James C. Bailey Center


The 12-story James C. Bailey Center is one of the most widely recognized and visited buildings on campus. Many of the college's administrative offices are found here, including the President's Office, Vice Presidents' and Deans' offices, and Human Resources. It is also one of the first stops for students whether they are first visiting campus or enrolling in college courses. Offices in this building include: 
Ground Floor
Lion Central, Enrollment Management-Student Activities/Recruiting, Advising
Mezzanine Level
Cashier, Financial Aid, Admissions, Career Services Director
5th Floor
Talent Search
11th floor
Alumni and Foundation

Building ID: JBC

801 Main Street NW Hanceville AL 30577



Upcoming Events

Lions Pride New Student Orientation

For more information please contact Jennifer McRea @ 256.352.8477.

4/23 1pm
5 Days of Finals: Doughnuts & Hot Cocoa

For more information please contact Jon Stephenson @ 256.352.8209.

5/2 11am
WaLLi Potluck Luncheon

For more information please contact LaDonna Allen @ 256.352.8071.

5/8 11am
Dental Hygiene Pinning/Awards Ceremony

For more information please contact Sharon Alley @ 256.352.8025.

5/9 2:30pm
NUR 113 Class

For more information please contact Diane Wilhite @ 256.352.8200.

5/22 8am

Recent Events

Food For Thought


Food For Thought


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James C. Bailey Center

James C. Bailey Center posted a photo 3/6/2014